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Edition 18, June 2024

INTRODUCTION: Shipping supply chains in Asia are being tested by global crises

Maritime supply chains are crucial for societies and economies worldwide, but they’re being tested by war, tension in the South China Sea, climate change, a push for decarbonisation and many other issues.

  • Dr Troy Lee-Brown & Professor Bec Strating

Security, surveillance, protection from maritime crime and piracy in Southeast Asia

There are several problematic trends which may give pirates, terrorists and other criminals the opportunity needed to re-emerge as a threat.

Tides of change: Steering towards improved mariner safety and welfare in the Indo-Pacific

Seafarers, often out of sight, must navigate harsh working conditions, a lack of legal protection and geopolitical tensions.

Geo-economic trends and maritime supply chain resilience: What’s next for the Indo-Pacific?

There are many economic challenges to shipping supply chains, including decarbonisation and geopolitics.

Indo Pacific fish stocks face multiple challenges

Fish stocks, critical for food and livelihoods, are under pressure from human population growth, illegal fishing and climate change.

WEBINAR: The impacts of non-traditional maritime security issues on supply chains in the Indo-Pacific

In an era of decarbonisation, shipping supply chains need to drive the energy transition. There are also increased geopolitical tensions other issues challenging resilience.

Edition 18, June 2024

Supply chains at sea in maritime Asia

The challenges of cleaner fuels for shipping supply chains

Unless governments across the Asia Pacific make decisions about the fuels for the ships they depend on they are likely to be disadvantaged.

INTERVIEW: Shipping in maritime Asia is vulnerable to geopolitical tension

Maritime Asia is a major international trade route, but the South China Sea is hotly disputed. What are the possible impacts on shipping of geo-political tensions?

Securing the backbone: Security challenges to and governance of submarine cables in the Indo-Pacific

Despite the importance of submarine cables to global supply chains and economy, this critical infrastructure is vulnerable to attacks and damage.

Ports play a key role in hydrogen supply chains in the Indo-Pacific

Regional leadership is needed to accelerate hydrogen port readiness for the emerging energy trade system.

The deepening climate emergency for Pacific domestic shipping supply chains and what can be done

Survival is not possible without shipping for societies completely dependent on imports of all fuel, most food and virtually every other essential commodity.

Migrant fishers from Southeast Asia are increasingly subject to forced labour and human trafficking

One of the most pressing problems in terms of fishing supply chains is modern slavery of migrant fishing crew.

Insights from the COVID-19 pandemic regarding maritime supply chains with a focus on Southeast Asia

The pandemic was an unprecedented event in shipping supply chains and maritime stakeholders need to prepare for future disruptions.

Book Review

‘Powering Up: Unleashing the Clean Energy Supply Chain’, by Alan Finkel

The clear message of ‘Powering Up’ is that clean energy is at the heart of the solution to climate change.

Special Asia Institute/Asialink Series: Democracy in Southeast Asia