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Edition 2, 2020

The Dynamics of Discourse and Power

COVID-19 Analysis
COVID-19 and China’s Five-Year Plan to create a ‘xiaokang’ society

How will COVID-19 affect China’s Five-Year Plan, Xi Jinping's blueprint for economic development?

  • Dr Craig Smith
COVID-19 Analysis

Singapore’s massive COVID-19 oversight

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic Singapore's response was exemplary. But not anymore.

COVID-19 Analysis

Lost in Translation: COVID-19 and China’s ‘Wet Markets’

Misunderstanding about China's ‘wet markets’ is fuelling racially and politically motivated moral judgements of the Chinese.

COVID-19 Analysis

INTERVIEW: COVID-19 is accelerating trends towards a more polarised world

Language being used by the US and China indicates there will be less “traffic control” in the future from major powers.

COVID-19 Analysis

Indonesia is exploiting the COVID-19 crisis for illiberal purposes

The COVID-19 crisis in Indonesia has become a means for elites to further accumulate power and money.

Edition 2, 2020

The Dynamics of Discourse and Power

Edition 2 Introduction

Power relationships are created, maintained and disputed through the ways in which the world is understood through language.

Genuinely addressing gender and sexuality in the language classroom is essential

Token inclusivity of gender and sexual diversity is not good enough in language education.

The use of the term LGBT in Indonesia and its real-world consequences. (中文)

There's been a dramatic shift toward public anti-LGBT discourse in Indonesia.

Global Arabic Studies: Lessons from a Transnational Asian Heritage. (中文)

Arabic studies should go beyond the Arabic world to include Arabic language, culture, script and literature through Asia.

Shifting communication practices in Japanese courtrooms

Courtroom communication is evolving towards greater emphasis on verbal evidence, which has consequences for the delivery of justice.

Book Review

Slow Train to Democracy: Memoirs of Life in Shanghai, 1978 to 1979, Anne E. McLaren

A first-hand account of China’s transition from the late years of the Cultural Revolution to the economic reforms of the 1980s.

Book Review

Young men and masculinities in Japanese media: (Un-)conscious Hegemony, Ronald Saladin

A revealing exploration of representations and (re)productions of masculinity in Japanese men’s magazines.

OBITUARY: Arief Budiman (3 January 1941-23 April 2020)

The passing of Arief Budiman marks the end of an era.