Ending the cycle of political disarray in Malaysia | Melbourne Asia Review

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Malaysia has witnessed a succession of prime ministers and political alliances over the past four years in what some observers say is the most serious era of political instability since independence in 1957. Meanwhile, Malaysia’s grand old party, UMNO, dealt an unprecedented defeat in 2018 following a global corruption scandal and mass protests, is now back in power – dashing the expectations of religious and ethnic minorities. What will it take for the political turmoil to end in Malaysia, once a catchword for successful multi-ethnic economic development? Long time Malaysia watchers Professor James Chin and Dr Nadzri Noor shine a light on contemporary Malaysian politics. Presented by Ali Moore.

An Asia Institute podcast. Produced and edited by profactual.com. Music by audionautix.com. Transcript here.

Main image: L->R: Prof James Chin and Dr Nadzri Noor.

Listing image: Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri, delivering a speech in October 2019, as the Leader of the Opposition. Credit: WikiCommons.