Getting China-Australia relations out of a rut | Melbourne Asia Review

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The recent change of government in Australia and a less strident tone in messaging from the Chinese leadership are being taken by some as a promising turn for fractured bilateral ties. But as Australia remains caught in the great power rivalry between the United States and China, what kind of relationship can we realistically expect between Canberra and Beijing going forward? How should Australia mend fences with its greatest trading partner? And how might China itself contribute to improving bilateral relations? China watchers Dr Sow Keat Tok and Yun Jiang join presenter Jane Hutcheon to examine the road ahead for Australia. 

An Asia Institute podcast. Produced and edited by Music by Transcript here.

Main image L->R: Dr Sow Keat Tok and Yun Jiang.

Listing image: Australia’s Foreign Minister, Penny Wong. Credit: NCCARF/Flickr.