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As India’s diaspora continues to expand in Western nations, what are the implications of caste identity, and the discriminatory practices that accompany it, for corporate managers? Despite being prohibited by law in India, cultural norms and social practices have allowed caste-based discrimination to persist. The over-representation of higher caste Indians in leadership positions abroad has correlated with a sharp rise in caste discrimination in Western workplaces, leading some local US jurisdictions, like the city of Seattle, to enact laws specifically banning discrimination based on caste. So what do managers and HR staff in Western workplaces need to know about caste and its impact on employees’ wellbeing? How does gender intersect with caste-motivated antisocial behaviors? And how can corporate leaders best be equipped to play a role in preventing caste-based discrimination? Management and marketing researchers Professor Hari Bapuji and Dr Kanika Meshram discuss caste within the corporation with presenter Peter Clarke.

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Main image: (L-R) Professor Hari Baphuji and Dr Kanika Meshram. Listing image: Office building in Seattle. Credit: Daniel Foster/Flickr