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Edition 5, 2021

Asian Australians

The ‘missing’ Indian-Australians in politics (हिंदी अनुवाद)

Why are Australians of Indian origin yet to make substantial in-roads into Australian legislative institutions?

  • Dr Surjeet Dhanji

The use of the term LGBT in Indonesia and its real-world consequences. (中文)

There's been a dramatic shift toward public anti-LGBT discourse in Indonesia.

Global Arabic Studies: Lessons from a Transnational Asian Heritage. (中文)

Arabic studies should go beyond the Arabic world to include Arabic language, culture, script and literature through Asia.

Indonesian vigilantes are voicing a conservative Islam, but they are not becoming terrorists. (Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia)

Members of Islamic street gangs mostly have no religious credentials, and don't aim to establish an Islamic state.

Overcoming Oligarchy? The UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the Philippines. (中文)

Major human rights abuses and even business-related killings are widespread in the Philippines.

COVID-19 Analysis

As COVID-19 escalates in Indonesia, responses are fractured and fractious. (Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia)

Elite interests continue to dominate Indonesia's pandemic response at a national level, but there's community resilience at the grassroots.

COVID-19 Analysis

Great Power Blame Game: The Ongoing War of Words Over COVID-19. (中文)

中文 (Chinese translation) Over recent weeks, the US and China have used increasingly strong rhetoric around the COVID-19 pandemic. The relationship between the US and