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Lost in Translation: COVID-19 and China’s ‘Wet Markets’

  • Associate Professor Delia Lin,

Misunderstanding about China’s ‘wet markets’ is fuelling racially and politically motivated moral judgements of the Chinese.

American Bioweapon or the ‘China Virus’? The War of Words over COVID-19

  • Melissa Conley Tyler, Tiffany Liu ,

The United States and China have been using increasingly strong rhetoric around COVID-19.

Democracy activist Joshua Wong on “the Hong Kong question” in 2020

  • Cathy Harper,

What Hong Kong will look like under Chinese rule continues to unfold in 2020

The biggest cost of the COVID-19 virus in China could be freedom

  • Associate Professor Delia Lin,

Special Analysis: The rhetoric of war is being used and is enabling the Communist Party to increase control over the people.

Why the protest movement in Hong Kong has become radicalised

  • Victor Yim,

The protest movement in 2019 has developed in contrast to previous social movements which have been marked by non-violence.