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The increasing role of women’s fatwa-making in Indonesia

  • Nor Ismah,

Women Islamic scholars are challenging male authority through fatwa-making.

Reflections on the significance of Indigenous knowledge research and storytelling

  • Dr Justin Wejak,

Why Indigenous knowledge research, particularly storytelling, is important.

Scholars in Indonesia who speak about the government “will be either co-opted or persecuted.”

  • Cathy Harper,

Is critical academia in Indonesia being undermined?

Indonesia’s Missing Foreign Policy Debate

  • Yohanes Sulaiman,

Indonesia’s presidential candidates have had little to say on foreign policy. But whoever is sworn-in will face a very challenging international environment.

Courting the Youth Vote in Indonesia’s Elections

  • Justin Wejak,

Indonesia’s presidential candidates are pitching for the huge youth vote, but are they really listening?