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VIDEO: Civil Society in Asia 4: International Conference in Melbourne (part 2)

Speakers draw attention to the diverse ways in which civil society operates, the forms it takes, the approaches it embraces, and the effects it has.

More than placeholders: The ‘century of empresses’ against modern succession laws

  • Dr Natalie McKay,

The argument that Japan has only ever had ‘placeholder’ female sovereigns is misguided and here’s why.


  • 作者:卡罗尔·海耶斯副教授(Associate Professor Carol Hayes),中根育子副教授(Associate Professor Ikuko Nakane),福井渚(Nagisa Fukui),永见昌纪(Masanori Nagami),荻野雅由博士(Dr Masayoshi Ogino),尾辻惠美博士(Dr Emi Otsuji),


Protecting the environment from the US Military: Okinawan civil society actors and the barriers to change

  • Scott Musgrave-Takeda,

Opposition to US military bases in Japan is growing due to PFAS contamination and other environmental concerns.

INTRODUCTION: Trajectories of Civil Society in Asia

  • Professor Akihiro Ogawa,

Democratic backsliding is a major concern worldwide and Asia is no exception.