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Reflecting on the changing use of social media in political campaigns: Lessons from Indonesia’s 2024 election

  • Dr Hurriyah and Dr Inaya Rakhmani,

How ‘politainment’ is emerging as a powerful tool to rebrand political elites.

The Contradictions in Anwar’s Civilising Mission in Malaysia

  • Dr S. Munirah Alatas,

Many are missing out on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s vision for inclusion and prosperity while political allies are indulged.


  • 李东梅博士 (Dr Dongmei Li)、希蒂·努鲁尔·穆纳维拉·莫哈末·罗斯兰 (Siti Nurul Munawirah Mohamad Roslan)、张佩涵 (Sally Pei Han Chang) 和朱涛(Zhu Tao) ,


Creating safe(r) learning spaces for Asian international women students at Australian universities

  • Dr Dongmei Li, Siti Nurul Munawirah Mohamad Roslan, Sally Pei Han Chang & Zhu Tao,

Ideally, the classroom is a ‘safe’ space where all students can express themselves and practise their beliefs. But what does that look like?

How the hyper-securitisation of Muslims in Malaysia is dividing society

  • Associate Professor Gerhard Hoffstaedter and Aslam Abd Jalil,

The division between Muslims and non-Muslims is widening and threatens Malaysia’s delicate form of multiculturalism.