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《共逍遥,乐陶陶:共建中澳交流的桥梁》( 大卫·沃克、李尧和凯伦·沃克著)书评

  • 作者:戴维·斯蒂芬·戈登·古德曼(古德曼)教授 (Professor David S. G. Goodman),

大卫·沃克(David Walker)是澳大利亚著名的历史学家 …

WEBINAR: (Post-)pandemic challenges in Asia

Discussion from an expert panel on key aspects of the pandemic’s effect on politics, society and the environment in Asia and Australia.

COVID-19 mental health challenges and responses in Hong Kong

  • Professor Paul Yip,

Mental health problems caused by COVID-19 public health measures have largely been overlooked by the Hong Kong Administration.

INTERVIEW: From a public health crisis to a ‘police state’: China during and beyond COVID-19

  • Murong Xuecun,

The communist government is taking full advantage of the pandemic to further increase its power.

Human mobility in small island communities in pandemic times: Insights from Sangihe, Indonesia

  • Naimah Lutfi Abdullah Talib,

For Islanders, travelling is a way of exercising their social, political, and economic rights but this has been difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic.