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‘Curly-Haired Kid to Killer’: Australian newspaper coverage of the Christchurch terrorist attacks

  • Dina Abdel-Mageed,

Analysing the quality and effect of media coverage of the murder of 51 Muslims in Christchurch.

How progressive, cosmopolitan and social justice-oriented Islam can help overcome sectarianism

  • Dr Adis Duderija,

There is a critical mass of well-informed Muslims for whom Sunni and Shi’i Islam are not fundamental to how they view themselves as Muslims.

COVID-19 lockdown in Chinese villages: Radical measures positively received 中文

  • Dr Xiao Tan, Professor Mark Yaolin Wang, Dr Yao Song & Associate Professor Tianyang Liu,

New research indicates COVID-19 restrictions were largely accepted by Chinese villagers and satisfaction with the government’s response is high.

Australia’s Muslims strongly reject an association between Islam and violent extremism

  • Associate Professor Halim Rane,

Overcoming prejudices concerning Islam and Muslims must involve acknowledgement of an ethical, progressive and peaceful Islam that teaches respectful coexistence with non-Muslims.

Death penalty for apostasy: Selected Sunni and Shi’a scholars’ views in favour of abolition

  • Dr Ali Akbar & Professor Abdullah Saeed,

A change of religion is a personal matter and should not lead to any form of punishment, let alone the death penalty.