How will Indonesia fare under new president Prabowo Subianto? | Melbourne Asia Review

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Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy, has elected Prabowo Subianto to be its next president in a sweeping victory. Yet, Prabowo, who enjoyed substantial support from Indonesia’s young voters, is a controversial figure with a reputation marred by human rights violations, a history of anti-democratic rhetoric, and ties to the authoritarian regime of Suharto (1967-1998). So what can Indonesia expect after Prabowo assumes his country’s highest office in October? Will he pursue a stance of continuity from the Jokowi era, or will he act decisively to put his own stamp on things? And how are Indonesia’s international relations likely to shift under Prabowo, a long-time military commander and defence minister under Jokowi? Seasoned Indonesia watchers Professor Tim Lindsey and Dr Ian Wilson examine Indonesia’s prospects under a Prabowo presidency. Presented by Sami Shah.

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Main image: (L-R) Dr Ian Wilson and Professor Tim Lindsey. Listing image: Prabowo as Defence Minister in 2023. Credit: US Secretary of Defense/Flickr.