As ethnic tensions rise, is there any real prospect of an inclusive Malaysia? | Melbourne Asia Review

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Malaysian society stands at a crossroads as ethnic tensions simmer, fueled by fiery rhetoric and a rise in Malay nationalism. Recent elections exposed a divided democracy, with populists pushing an agenda that strains the nation’s multicultural fabric. Despite the absence of actual violence, social media is amplifying hate speech that paints minorities as threats, thus widening the rift between the Malay majority and other ethnic groups. What’s behind this ethno-nationalist trend in Malaysian politics, and why now? What can be done to rein in the hurtful speech and set Malaysian society and politics on a course for genuine national unity? Malaysia watchers Dina Zaman and Dr Nicholas Chan examine the complex fabric of race relations in Malaysia with host Sami Shah.

An Asia Institute podcast. Produced and edited by Music by Transcript here.

Main image: (L-R) Dr Nicholas Chan (ANU) and Dina Zaman (IMAN Research). Listing image: Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. Credit: IQRemix/Flickr.