The rise and rise of halal consumerism in Indonesia | Melbourne Asia Review

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Muslims in Indonesia are increasingly seeking to align their consumption with their religious beliefs. The push comes from a growing urban middle class who have greater access to global products and services. At the same time, Indonesia’s halal product assurance law, which came into effect in 2019, is being phased in across a wide range of goods and services. In a world awash with consumerism, what does halal certification mean for Muslims? And how do these economic choices play into the political landscape? Indonesia watchers Professor Julian Millie and Dr Inaya Rakhmani examine the trajectory of Indonesia’s halal consumerism with presenter Ali Moore.

An Asia Institute podcast. Produced and edited by Music by Transcript here.

Main image: L->R: Dr Inaya Rakhmani and Prof Julian Millie. Listing image: Woman in supermarket in Indonesia. Credit: Photo by Viki Mohamad on Unsplash.