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Radical within limits: Women’s movements, civil society, and the political field in Bangladesh

  • Associate Professor Seuty Sabur,

Women’s groups are sometimes blamed for a lack of gender equality rather than those with power such as the state.

What an Australian-based civil society group is learning with Fukushima children amid nuclear growth in Asia

  • Akina Mikami,

For the children of Fukushima, the consequences of the nuclear accident are part of everyday life with no end in sight.

Evolutionary Governance in China: State–Society Relations under Authoritarianism. Edited by Szu-chien Hsu, Kellee S. Tsai, and Chun-chih Chang

  • Professor Ming-sho Ho,

Social scientists studying China are developing new theories about how the ruling elites maintain power.

Challenging Japan’s ‘War Laws’: contemporary civil society action in the courts

  • Adam Eldridge-Imamura,

Street protests against Abe’s Peace and Security Legislation give way to court action challenging their constitutionality.

From the streets to ballot boxes: The decline of activist-based social movements in Turkey

  • Ahmet Bekmen,

Everything from hyper-inflation to civil servants’ promotions have been postponed until the elections in 2023.