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Mobilising for press freedom in Duterte’s Philippines: forms and challenges

  • David Lozada,

Media organisations and civil society groups in the press freedom space need to organise fast.

Australia’s growing cultural diversity requires a long-term strategy to meet its changing needs

  • Professor Fethi Mansouri, Dr Enqi Weng and Dr Matteo Vergani ,

The multicultural capacity of social services need to be strengthened so all Australians can benefit from its growing diversity.

VIDEO: Civil Society in Asia 4: International Conference in Melbourne (part 1)

Speakers draw attention to the diverse ways in which civil society operates, the forms it takes, the approaches it embraces, and the effects it has.

More than placeholders: The ‘century of empresses’ against modern succession laws

  • Dr Natalie McKay,

The argument that Japan has only ever had ‘placeholder’ female sovereigns is misguided and here’s why.

Minority languages in China and the national preservation project

  • Professor Jinfang Li & Professor Yongxian Luo,

There are more than 120 minority languages in China and many of them are endangered.