WEBINAR: Hong Kong’s National Security Law: one year on | Melbourne Asia Review

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One year on, this webinar looks at how the National Security Law has been used, with those arrested including youth activists, media moguls and political opponents. 

It examines the impact of the law on peaceful political speech and as a test case for judicial independence in Hong Kong.


  • Professor Thomas E. Kellogg, Executive Director, Georgetown Center for Asian Law.
  • Lydia Wong, Pen name of political science scholar and former rights activist.
  • Professor Mark Wang, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, The University of Melbourne.
  • Melissa Conley Tyler (host), Research Associate, Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne.

This webinar showcases Edition 6 of the Melbourne Asia Review on Human Rights and Civil Society in Asia.

Main image: Jimmy Lai leaving court, December 2020. Credit: Michael Ho/Studio Incendo


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