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<페미니스트>: “여자에게 친절한 남자” – 대한민국 언어 개정에 대한 시민단체의 활동

  • Dr Adam Zulawnik,

#미투(MeToo) 운동은 지난 몇 년간 대한민국에서도 큰 화제였고 2개의 시민 …

East Asia’s low spending model on welfare is no longer fit for tackling growing inequality

  • Dr Gyu-Jin Hwang,

Despite their economic ‘miracles’ most East Asian nations have fairly low levels of spending on welfare.

WEBINAR: How learning Asian languages changes your worldview

Panellists discuss gaining new levels of personal inter-connectedness and cultural understanding through language learning.

INTRODUCTION – Changing one’s world view: the potentially transformative power of Asian language(s) and culture(s)

  • Dr Jun Ohashi,

Learning an Asian language can serve as a bulwark against rising nationalism and xenophobia.

The Korean language is booming at Australian universities. What needs to be done to keep the momentum going?

  • Dr Nicola Fraschini,

Korean is increasingly popular at Australian universities, but more needs to be done to recruit and keep students.