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Why aid diplomacy eventually pays off: Lessons from Australia’s Sheep Demonstration Farm Project in 1970s South Korea      

  • Dr Hea-Jin Park, Associate Professor Joanna Elfving-Hwang & Younghye Seo Whitney,

How sheep and kelpies helped Australia forge a closer relationship with South Korea.

WEBINAR: (Post-)pandemic challenges in Asia

Discussion from an expert panel on key aspects of the pandemic’s effect on politics, society and the environment in Asia and Australia.

Growing green? South Korea’s approach to the COVID-19 economic recovery

  • Theo Mendez,

Korea’s pioneering of ‘green growth’ makes it a leader in reconciling the ever-conflicting goals of economic growth and environmental sustainability.


  • 作者:宋智英博士 (Dr Jay Song),瑞安·古斯塔夫森博士 (Dr Ryan Gustafsson),崔大正博士 (Dr Daejeong Choi),申媛善博士(Dr Wonsun Shin),

2021年是韩澳建交60周年。韩国是澳大利亚的第四大贸易伙伴 …


  • 作者:杰弗瑞-罗伯逊教授(Jeffery Robertson)、艾迪·格斯伯格(Addie Gerszberg),

韩国作为一个中等强国,文化出口取得了巨大的成功 …