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What war-related sexual violence against Japanese women in Manchuria tells us about democracy in contemporary Japan

  • Dr Mayuko Itoh,

At the end of WWII, numerous Japanese women who resided in colonised areas of Imperial Japan were subject to sexual violence.

The shrinking democratic space in India: uncivil society and an illiberal state

  • Associate Professor Sarbeswar Sahoo,

There’s been a severe crackdown on the civic space in India under PM Nahrendra Modi, which has accelerated previous trends.

Democracy activist Joshua Wong on “the Hong Kong question” in 2020

  • Cathy Harper,

What Hong Kong will look like under Chinese rule continues to unfold in 2020

The biggest cost of the COVID-19 virus in China could be freedom

  • Associate Professor Delia Lin,

Special Analysis: The rhetoric of war is being used and is enabling the Communist Party to increase control over the people.

Solidarity among Jakarta’s gig economy drivers

  • Diatyka Widya Permata Yasih,

The gig economy is the new frontier of precarious work, where workplace-based collective organisation is problematic.