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INTERVIEW: COVID-19 will set back the cause of women’s rights in Indonesia

  • Atnike Nova Sigiro,

Work on gender quality, such as the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence, is made more difficult by coronavirus.

Singapore’s massive COVID-19 oversight

  • Dr Sow Keat Tok,

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic Singapore’s response was exemplary. But not anymore.

Shifting communication practices in Japanese courtrooms

  • Dr Ikuko Nakane,

Courtroom communication is evolving towards greater emphasis on verbal evidence, which has consequences for the delivery of justice.

INTERVIEW: COVID-19 is accelerating trends towards a more polarised world

  • Dr Hoo Tiang Boon,

Language being used by the US and China indicates there will be less “traffic control” in the future from major powers.

Young men and masculinities in Japanese media: (Un-)conscious Hegemony, Ronald Saladin

  • Michaela Luschmann,

A revealing exploration of representations and (re)productions of masculinity in Japanese men’s magazines.