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The use of the term LGBT in Indonesia and its real-world consequences. (中文)

  • Associate Professor Michael Ewing,

There’s been a dramatic shift toward public anti-LGBT discourse in Indonesia.

Lost in Translation: COVID-19 and China’s ‘Wet Markets’

  • Associate Professor Delia Lin,

Misunderstanding about China’s ‘wet markets’ is fuelling racially and politically motivated moral judgements of the Chinese.

OBITUARY: Arief Budiman (3 January 1941-23 April 2020)

  • Professor Vedi Hadiz,

The passing of Arief Budiman marks the end of an era.

Women leaders in the Asia-Pacific have more to offer in fighting COVID-19

  • Mohammad Naciri ,

For women and girls in conflict settings the added vulnerabilities due to COVID-19 are especially shocking.

American Bioweapon or the ‘China Virus’? The War of Words over COVID-19

  • Melissa Conley Tyler, Tiffany Liu ,

The United States and China have been using increasingly strong rhetoric around COVID-19.