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  • 莫家豪教授 (Professor Joshua Mok Ka-ho),

由于出生率下降和寿命延长,中国的老龄化速度正急剧加快 …


  • 谭燕 (Associate Professor Yan Tan),

中国有总数超过6000万的侨民 …

The demise of smallholder farming in rural China?

  • Dr Sarah Rogers, Dr Brooke Wilmsen, Dr Xiao Han, Dr Zoe Ju-Han Wang & Andrew van Hulten,

Chinese Communist Party policies have long encouraged smallholders to lease their land to larger operators.

The caregiving burden of ageing Filipino Australian women in the digital era

  • Dr Earvin Charles Cabalquinto,

New communications technologies have increased the financial burden of Filipino women caring for family abroad.

Understanding the racialised and gendered experiences of Asian women working in aged care in Australia

  • Dr Monika Winarnita and Dr Carmela Leone,

Asian women working in aged care in Australia face endemic racism and sexism.