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Taiwan literature in Japanese: works of colonial, diasporic and contemporary writers

  • Dr Tets Kimura,

Chinese has been the most dominant language in Taiwan for most of the last 400 years, but the historical significance of Japanese is profound.

Taiwan: A battlefield for cyberwar and disinformation

  • Associate Professor Lennon Yao-Chung Chang,

Actions that undermine democracy and create instability within Taiwan should be seen through a national security lens.

Re-reading Ta-wei Chi’s queer stories from 1990s Taiwan 30 years on

  • Yahia Ma,

The place of queer literature from Taiwan in mainland China—its publication, circulation, and reception—has received little attention.

<페미니스트>: “여자에게 친절한 남자” – 대한민국 언어 개정에 대한 시민단체의 활동

  • Dr Adam Zulawnik,

#미투(MeToo) 운동은 지난 몇 년간 대한민국에서도 큰 화제였고 2개의 시민 …

Where are the Women? Gender Perspectives in Indonesia’s 2024 Presidential Race

  • Prasakti Ramadhana Fahadi, Amalinda Savirani & Ken Setiawan,

The absence of women from any of the presidential tickets in this year’s Indonesian elections underscores a deeper political and policy malaise in addressing gender inequality.