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Learning Difficulties: The 2024 Presidential Election and the Fate of Indonesia’s Education System

  • Andrew Rosser,

A crisis in education is impairing Indonesia’s aspirations for economic development. But all three candidates are offering more of the same.

The Past is Present in Indonesia’s Presidential Election

  • Vedi Hadiz,

The shadow of Suharto’s New Order hangs over Indonesia’s presidential elections. And it is not just in the form of retired general Prabowo Subianto.


  • 阿扎德·辛格·巴利 (Azad Singh Bali),



  • 妮可·詹妮博士(Dr Nicole Jenne),

蓝色安全(Blue Security)/墨尔本亚洲评论(Melbourne Asia Review)的“南海以外 …


  • 蒂莫西·林奇教授 (Professor Timothy Lynch),

在 1993 年的电影《侏罗纪公园》中…