VIDEO: Civil Society in Asia 4: International Conference in Melbourne (part 1) | Melbourne Asia Review

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Conference theme: Varieties of Civil Society across Asia Asian civil societies are as diverse as the countries of Asia.

In this conference, attention is brought to the diverse ways in which civil society operates, the forms it takes, the approaches it embraces, and the effects it has on the larger society in which it is situated.

This is the first part of the PhD panel presentation held at Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, on 7 December, 2022. Melbourne Asia Review has published accompanying articles by presenters


1. Competing for Meaning: Human Rights and the Role of Civil Society Organisations in the Philippines (Syme de Leon)

2. Veganism(s) in Japan: Practice, Concepts and Negotiations (Ruby Ramsden)

3. Environmental Civic Groups and Cooperation Across Causes in Contemporary Okinawa (Scott Musgrave-Takeda)

4. Small-Scale Democracy: A Case of Niseko, Japan (Kiyomi Misaki)

Image credit: Marius Mann/Pexels.


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