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  • 蒂莫西·林奇教授 (Professor Timothy Lynch),

在 1993 年的电影《侏罗纪公园》中…


  • 梅丽莎·克劳奇教授 (Professor Melissa Crouch),



  • 谭燕 (Associate Professor Yan Tan),

中国有总数超过6000万的侨民 …

The caregiving burden of ageing Filipino Australian women in the digital era

  • Dr Earvin Charles Cabalquinto,

New communications technologies have increased the financial burden of Filipino women caring for family abroad.

Towards legal recognition of trans and gender diverse individuals: Three case studies in Asia

  • Dr C.L. Quinan and Adam Chen-Dedman,

A look at positive changes and where change is desperately needed: Japan, Taiwan and Nepal.