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How Australia’s future depends on better understanding Asia

Prioritising Asia-focused education would seem essential for Australia, but recent trends indicate a decline in Asian language and studies programs in Australian universities.

Policy reversals and political impact in China

China’s government has made significant policy shifts in recent months, including lifting the zero-COVID policy. Dr Chris Buckley, chief China correspondent for The New York Times, examines the situation.

The future of Taiwan-China relations: Is the status quo the best option?

Is simply maintaining the One China policy indefinitely a viable long-term strategy? What is the best outcome that the Taiwanese people can realistically hope for?

Singing songs of rebels, rice and romance in China’s lower Yangtze Delta

The unique traditional cultures and epic folk songs of this region have all but succumbed to the relentless march of modernisation. What’s being done to save them?

A changed Hong Kong under China’s national security law

In 2020, Beijing imposed a national security law on Hong Kong after months of mass protests. Nearly three years later, how has this controversial law affected Hong Kong’s spirit and aspirations?