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What to watch for in India during Narendra Modi’s 3rd term as PM

While Modi secured a historic third term as India’s PM in recent elections, he no longer presides over an outright parliamentary majority by his party, the BJP.

How China safeguards its interests amid conflict in Myanmar

With escalating military conflict between Myanmar’s ruling junta and various ethnic armed organisations, China is pursuing a delicate balancing act along their shared 2,200 kilometre border.

The geopolitics of undersea cables in the Indo-Pacific

Undersea cables underpin global communication and the digital economy, with most data travelling via these largely hidden transoceanic routes. However, this critical multi-billion-dollar infrastructure faces increasing risks.

As Vietnam scales the global value chain, what does it mean for its workers?

Vietnam’s economic expansion has reshaped its labour market, creating higher-skilled jobs but also challenges such as wage stagnation and worker abuse.

The outsized influence of the military in Pakistan’s politics

What does the imbalance between civilian institutions and the military mean for Pakistan’s democratic development?