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Why Taiwan leads the rest of Asia in recognising LGBTQ+ rights

What is it about Taiwan that has made it the regional forerunner when it comes to the rights of sexual minorities? What lessons can other societies in Asia learn from Taiwan’s experience?

All at sea: Contending with maritime disputes in the South China Sea and beyond

Countries across the Indo-Pacific have had to find ways of resolving or at least learning to live with disputed maritime borders. So how have they chosen to handle maritime border disagreements?

How a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan affects security in the region

Since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, the harboring of extremist or terrorist groups, continued high numbers of displaced Afghans, and ramped up production of opium are key concerns for neighboring nations.

Policing political discourse in Malaysia

Malaysia has passed laws which restrict discussion of the 3 “R”s: race, religion, and royalty. What is the effect on democracy and society?

How Australia’s future depends on better understanding Asia

Prioritising Asia-focused education would seem essential for Australia, but recent trends indicate a decline in Asian language and studies programs in Australian universities.