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Migrants from China grappling with acceptance in Australia

How do members of Australia’s mainland Chinese community view themselves, and how are they viewed by others, particularly when the relationship between Canberra and Beijing is strained?

The fate of China’s many languages

Beijing is pushing hard the use of Mandarin by all Chinese, and while fluency in Mandarin brings economic benefits what is the cost to ethnic minorities?

Can Australia do better in its relations with China?

Former Ambassador Dr Geoff Raby explores how Australia can best navigate its bilateral relationship with China and the uncharted waters of a changing global order.

Why the outrage over Indonesia’s new job creation law?

The so-called Omnibus law has sparked outrage among workers, trade unionists, environmentalists and religious organisations.

How will Hong Kong march to China’s new drum?

Many citizens of Hong Kong fear the recently imposed National Security Law is only the latest move by Beijing to wind back civil liberties promised to last till 2047.