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‘Pachinko’: Korean fates and fortunes in Japan

‘Pachinko’, the New York Times best-selling novel and now major TV series, shines a light on the history and plight of the Zainichi.

Anxiety and aspiration in Japan-China relations

While Tokyo has garnered admiration for how it walks the line between its ally Washington and Beijing, it’s set to draw up a new defence strategy with China likely top of mind.

Beyond Squid Game: Translating Asian film and TV for a hungry global market

What are the factors that make for a good translation? Will fan-based translation and artificial intelligence make trained human translators redundant?

Decision making and dissent in the Chinese Communist Party

China’s Communist Party is known to prize loyalty and conformity. So how does it handle internal differences of opinion?

Growing the Australia-India relationship

Is a mutual suspicion of Beijing a sound basis for closer ties between Australia and India? What are the real issues that bind and separate the two nations?