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Iran’s strategy of outsourcing warfare in the Middle East

Iran has a network of proxy militant groups across the broader Middle East to project power while maintaining plausible deniability. But how much control does Iran really have over these forces and what are the risks?

What China’s ambitions in Pakistan mean for Baloch aspirations and identity

Straddling the boundaries of Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, the Baloch people have long endured as a distinct ethnic group whose aspirations have been overshadowed by the ambitions of larger state actors.

How will Indonesia fare under new president Prabowo Subianto?

Indonesia has elected Prabowo Subianto to be its next president. But Prabowo is a controversial figure with a reputation marred by human rights violations, a history of anti-democratic rhetoric, and ties to the authoritarian regime of Suharto.

As ethnic tensions rise, is there any real prospect of an inclusive Malaysia?

Recent elections exposed a divided democracy, with populists pushing an agenda that strains the nation’s multicultural fabric. What’s behind this ethno-nationalist trend in Malaysian politics, and what can be done to reset Malaysian society towards national unity?

China wants to remake global governance – is the world ready for it?

China’s Global Civilization Initiative ostensibly appears to embrace diversity, but some analysts argue that it primarily serves China’s own interests by reshaping international norms in favour of authoritarian regimes.