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Ending the cycle of political disarray in Malaysia

Malaysia is witnessing what some observers say is the most serious era of political instability since independence in 1957. What will it take for the political turmoil to end?

India’s two-way bet on the US-Russia divide

India has, on four occasions, abstained from voting in the UN to censure Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. For how much longer can India sit on the US-Russia fence?

Islamic finance in a fintech future

Having built a Shariah-compliant global finance industry now worth US$3 trillion, Islamic legal experts are grappling with whether cryptocurrencies are permissible for the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims.

‘Pachinko’: Korean fates and fortunes in Japan

‘Pachinko’, the New York Times best-selling novel and now major TV series, shines a light on the history and plight of the Zainichi.

Anxiety and aspiration in Japan-China relations

While Tokyo has garnered admiration for how it walks the line between its ally Washington and Beijing, it’s set to draw up a new defence strategy with China likely top of mind.