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Was Donald Trump on the money about China?

As US president, Donald Trump rewrote the rule book for dealing with China. But was this really down to Trump, or was it somehow inevitable given China’s inexorable rise as an economic and military power?

Indonesia’s evolving post-pandemic political landscape

Despite being well into his final term as Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo continues his coalition building, and retains the backing of political and business elites.

Weighing up the legacy of Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte remains popular with ordinary Filipinos. What’s the basis for this and what are the long term consequences of his attacks on democracy?

Intimate connections and exit strategies in a changing Japan

Arranged marriages are on the wane and defacto relationships and same-sex unions no longer rare. As the nature of unions changes, so is the practice of parting.

The political battle over health policy in Indonesia

Oligarchic elites with ties to business and the military are thwarting improvements in healthcare for ordinary people.