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The rise and rise of halal consumerism in Indonesia

In a world awash with consumerism, what does halal certification mean for Muslims in Indonesia? And how do these economic choices play into the political landscape?

What a Taliban theocracy means for Afghanistan

Since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan in 2021, they have imposed their version of Sharia. What’s the Taliban vision for Afghanistan and will it become reality?

How can Sri Lanka hedge between India and China?

Sri Lanka recently found itself caught in a diplomatic tussle between China and India over the planned visit of Chinese naval vessel. India opposed the visit because it considers the vessel a spy ship, while China maintains that it’s a research vessel. This is one example of how Sri Lanka must walk the line between Asia’s two largest powers.

What will it take to end the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is struggling with a humanitarian crisis with more than a million severely malnourished children, massive unemployment, and runaway inflation. What will it take to stave off the nation’s collapse?

The human cost of South Korea’s era of transnational adoption

Since the 1950s but peaking in the 1980s, an estimated 200,000 South Korean babies and children have been adopted into mainly white families in western nations, leaving a trail of fractured identities.