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Australia caught in the escalating US-China rivalry

What is the value vs the cost of Australia’s alliance with the US? And what will it take to repair relations with China?

Federalism to the rescue in ethnically divided Asian societies

How can ethnically splintered nations find a way forward? Can federalism be utilised to ease conflict and promote stability?

Pakistan, the Taliban, and the future of Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Taliban is poised to take the reins in Kabul with the looming withdrawal of US troops. Although dependent on Pakistan in the past, the Taliban are now more geopolitically savvy.

Traitors and treason in the collective Chinese imagination

How has the concept of the traitor been put to political use in China and what is regarded as treasonous behaviour?

India’s soft power push with vaccine diplomacy

India is the world’s largest donor of COVID-19 vaccines despite having the world’s second highest caseload of coronavirus.